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Organizing kids by groups


Student group sites are named after colleges located in the big city of Philadelphia, big suburbs of Delaware County, and the small city of Camden New Jersey.  


We love the energy and curiosity that these students bring to camp while learning about our program, history, and traditions. They have a positive attitude and are eager to get the full camp experience. University City VSP District students form relationships with Temple University City VSP District campers, University of Arts VSP District campers, Camden County
College VSP
District campers, Philadelphia Community College VSP District campers, and Delaware County Community College VSP District campers, during free time, all-camp activities, and mealtimes, are able to find role models amongst many of their camper peers.  


PAIR-UP: In each pair, one person will be a journalist. The other will be a representative from their children’s group. By creating groups VSP becomes a more effective advocate for our children.

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