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Van Stone

VSP is the acronym for Van Stone Productions- named after Philadelphia’s Van Stone and his friends doing community charitable works. As the scope of the charitable work broadened, the group kept its acronym but updated the meaning to the Cooperative and Assistance for Relief Everywhere we go.


Since its 1980 beginning, VSP has run the program as a workers’ cooperative. And everywhere VSP go people want to know who we are; So, we tell them, we are VSP!  


From assembling the right camper travelers, travelers from the New York area to the Philadelphia area and vice-versa, for a room or an explorer trip, to creating a camper’s weekly individual schedule, to developing an extraordinary staff, we are actively guided by our mission to foster confidence, courage, compassion and community during our fall, spring, summer and winter schedule.


We have lots of fun and exciting program goals.  Our primary program goals are Community Engagement, Youth Education and Empowerment.

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