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Camden County College

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Group - Camden County College VSP District

Completed12th Grade & "First-year" Students Credits

VSP enjoys supporting students and their interest to attend a four-year college close to their Philadelphia neighborhood. That being said, Camden County College is one of the largest, most comprehensive four-year community colleges in New Jersey and the surrounding region. VSP recommends that the College ensure that it is a vital resource for transfer education, workforce training, and cultural events. Its three distinct campuses in Blackwood, Camden, and Cherry Hill – along with its satellite locations in Lakeland, Sicklerville, and elsewhere throughout the County – share the common mission of providing accessible, affordable higher education and occupational study to all who can benefit.

Young adults will appreciate the connection between VSP programming and the local centers offering interesting and thought-provoking courses and events to help students to meet their professional development requirements and community members enhance their knowledge.


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