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Delaware County Community College Group

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Group - Delaware County Community College VSP District

Completed 12th Grade & "First-year" Students Credits


The VSP Delco Community College program will help reduce barriers experienced by students that are struggling to find work and better education—a situation made more challenging by the distance of schools and the difficulty in finding the best support to allow them the time and energy to conduct a successful college search. While students seek education and employment or transition back to the workforce, they will have peace of mind knowing that they are in a positive environment.


DCCC has nine locations. VSP works closely with first-year students participating in all nearby Philadelphia area DCCC locations. All except Chester County Hospital offer all of the following: a bookstore, career and counseling center, an Enrollment Central for student assistance services, disability services, student lounges, study areas, and a Learning Commons that offers tutoring and technology support to the DCCC community. The degree and certificate programs offered vary by location.


The program not only benefits young adults but also the children who are offered rewarding and enriching summer experiences.

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