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Temple University Group


Group - Temple University City VSP District

Completed 5th and 6th Grades

“In the middle is more than having half the fun.” The middle-aged of our student program love experiencing exploring downtown 5th Street in the city for the first time. The overnight trip provides a structured learning environment to further develop basic (technical, attitude, teamwork, risk management) skills while on a 3-day, 2-night trip.  


Choose from a variety of programs – both in-person and virtual! Whether your camper is into superhero forensics, glitter explosions, bubble blasts, or even engineering and keeping their “head in the clouds,” the Museum offers an incredible lineup of children’s programming this summer. 

Temple University City VSP District campers walk over the Temple University area bridge to get between their rooms, activities, and the dining hall, and the sports hall is a short walk away from their site. This increases their independence, and also develops their problem-solving skills (i.e. what clothes do I need to bring with me for the morning?). Students are also developing their ability to live with others and work as a team to complete a common goal (i.e., group preparation).

Our Temple University City VSP District camp ensures that all students are treated fairly, and are good at making sure the younger students are included in mixed-age group activities.

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