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The following logic models demonstrate how we aim to promote our goals in our programs. (Goal 3)


Goal#3: Develop A Healthy Lifestyle



  • Prevent youth from participating in gang activity, criminal activity, and other juvenile behaviors

  • Engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity on a daily basis

  • Be aware and knowledgeable about healthy nutrition in order to make healthy nutritional choices

  • Be knowledgeable of the dangers of smoking, alcohol, and illegal drug use and abstain from their use


Short-Term Changes                         


Decreased gang, criminal, and delinquent activity

Increased Learning and awareness of: Importance of exercise

Medium-Term Changes         


BMI within healthy limits

Choose healthy foods

Long-Term Changes

Increased Knowledge and awareness of: Young adults who

are drug-free, fit, and have balanced diets


The goals of VSP Foundation youth development programs promote positive development, even when seeking to prevent problem behaviors. Youth development programs help youth navigate adolescence in healthy ways and pre- pare them for their future by fostering their positive development.


The better advancement program for boys and girls follow workbook as well as DVD education formats that will benefit the community and the students.  VSP Workbook and DVD education formats will be highly beneficial to the student who has never performed before and has limited technique in dance, music, arts, sports, or other fun learning activities; By preparing them with necessary information that is typically gained only through experience in rehearsals and hours of training in the dance studio or sports field VSP Foundation students are allowed to take as many lessons of an Activity technique class (for example: Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Tap, etc.) desired and are expected in a 1-3 day period to gain enough experience that will transfer to the main stage. Afterwards, much thanks to our programs, they will often tend to not fall short. VSP Foundation Better Advancement Program Day and Overnight programs are specific to inner-city students and we want to create something that would truly serve our big city students and small neighborhoods.

Importance of good nutrition and avoiding certain foods

Importance of avoiding smoking, alcohol or drugs

Abstaining from or decreasing in smoking or the use of alcohol or drugs

Increased numbers of 

and do not smoke , drink, in excess or use drugs, are free of gang and other criminal behavior

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