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The following logic models demonstrate how we aim to promote our goals in our programs. (Goal 1.)


Goal#1: Improve Educational Achievement



  • Develop self-discipline and study habits

  • Improve basic state assessment of academic readiness (STAAR) skills

  • Improve grade point average (GPA)

  • Improve educational achievement (Grade promotion and/or attainment of GED or H.S. diploma)

Short-Term Changes                         

A: Knowledge/Awareness/Attitudes                   

B: Awareness of education Importance        

C: Awareness of Subject Matters

D: Their Desire to Explore and Learn                                                               

Medium-Term Changes

A: Behaviors/Skills

B: Improve attendance 


D: Improve GPA

Long-Term Changes 

A: Social Conditions

B: Plans for Higher Education

C: Plans for Vocational Training  

We have lots of fun and exciting program goals.  Our primary program goals are Community Engagement, Youth Education, and Empowerment.

E: Their Desire to Graduate From HS                       

F: Opportunities for Higher Education   

G: Opportunities for Employment          


E: Advancement to the Next Grade Level

F: Increased Self-Discipline and Monitoring

G: Places Outside of Their Own Neighborhood  

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