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The Leadership Program


The year after a youth has advanced through all the camper years at VSP Foundation Better Advancement Program Day and Overnight – the summer before he/she graduates from high school – is when each one is given the opportunity to start teaching other students. At VSP Foundation Better Advancement Program, that transition period between being a camper and
becoming a counselor is called the Leadership Program.



“The unique experience of VSP fall and spring Leadership has helped create a me that is more confident, more loving, more patient, and more understanding. VSP Foundation for Better Advancement is a place of life-changing moments and wonderful people.”

Hakim G, VSP Leadership


The Leadership Program works to build character and leadership skills among program participants by having them take increasing responsibility for project management. As they learn how to lead groups of students, they develop the courage to become independent, thoughtful young people in other aspects of their lives.

To facilitate that development process, trained and experienced volunteer members organize workshops for the Leaderships featuring instruction and discussion about leadership skills, which can then be practiced during assignments at camp. Throughout their tenure, Leadership help teaches activities, organize special programs, supervise groups and assist with numerous other valuable projects as they step up as visible members of program staff.


“Leaderships were my heroes when I was in the University City VSP District and the Temple University City VSP District. I wanted to be just like them when I was older. Now I have the chance to give others what I received when I was in their position."

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