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“The staff and support are second to none. They are polished, proficient, accessible and patient.” Christian Johnson
University City District VSP Student.

“At VSP Foundation a boy or girl discovers that they are capable of so much more than they ever dreamed possible. They learn to try, to preserve, to stretch themselves beyond the limits they once knew. They leave camp each season having taken important steps in their journey to become a strong, confident individual who respects oneself, others, and their way of life.”

Mary J., Temple University District Counselor

“I started at stage zero. With VSP I was able to start learning online and eventually build up enough knowledge by participating in hands-on camp activities gaining lots of new skills to transition into a professional goal.”

Shanice Carter, University of the Arts District Student

VSP has become my go-to partner. Their team is organized, efficient, and have great attention to detail. Youth can focus more energy on putting on a great show for fun.”

Samson Brown, VSP Delaware County Support and Parent

VSP Foundation provides a place where boys, girls, young men, and young women try new things without fear of failure in a truly supportive environment. Students that experience a field trip at VSP Foundation regularly call it their “second home” and our students return with such consistency that many alumni view VSP Foundation as the place they grew up and found their life-long friendships. 

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