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The following logic models demonstrate how we aim to promote our goals in our programs. (Goal 2)


Goal#2: Develop Positive Values and Character



  • Decrease or eliminate delinquent behaviors

  • Develop responsibility and respect/care about others

  • Desire to contribute to one’s own community

  • Develop leadership abilities

Short-Term Changes                         


B. Behaviors of Tagging

C. Behaviors of Bullying     


Medium-Term Changes

A . Behaviors/Skills                                                                                          B. Awareness of Respecting Others                                                                C. Awareness of Caring for Others                                                                  D. Importance of Volunteerism                                                                        E. One’s Ability to Lead Younger Children                                                      F. One’s Ability to Mentor Younger Children

Long-Term Changes

A. Awareness of Personal Responsibility 

B. Decreased Delinquent  Behaviors

C. Increased Participation Community Activities 

D. Increased Ability to Lead Younger Children                           

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