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All Year Round - Field Trips, Dance, Music, Performance, Sports, Biking,

Pony & Horse Riding, Film & Theater, Bookmaking, College Campus Exploring,

Museums, Jogging & Running, Great Plaza Water Front Fun, Walk Along the Park Trail…


Enjoy the great indoors and the great outdoors! Make lifelong friendships. Choose your own schedule. Become a tennis player, paint a watercolor. Build a campfire or swim! Take a trail ride or trail walk. Dance. Go on a hike across the pond. Take a ferry ride at Penn’s Landing. Touch the power of learning at the museum. Pick up a guitar! Learn to play the drums. Sing along. Laugh with your friends. There are so many things you can do at VSP Foundation Better Advancement for children, teens and youth programs!

Before arriving at VSP Foundation Programming Site, each student completes an Activity Preference form. Schedules are personalized, with time in favorite activities as well as opportunities to try some new ones. During the day or week there are also “Free Activities,” which include fun choices different from regularly scheduled activities. We believe that it benefits students to be exposed to a variety of activities, including activities they have never tried before or maybe wouldn’t have originally chosen. These scheduled activity periods are balanced with times the students can be directed, both during the ‘general’ time of the day and several free activity periods during the week.


Every day is special at VSP Foundation; students may be athletes or campers spending hours or days on a special “hangout” outing. Hangouts range from biking a nearby trail to flower picking to bird watching across the pond. Hangouts are rounded out with dinner cooked over a campfire or a stove. Special events throughout the fall, spring, summer and winter keep students busy and excited, from Festive Celebrations in September to our much-anticipated Battle Dance Show!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more field trips, Zumba, virtual, and fit dancing programs are desired to be conducted on a regular basis. It could be used as great supplement to area camps’ and schools’ virtual instruction programs while making sure youth get a fun monthly exercise activity.

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