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Lots of energetic girls, boys, and adults as they train for and take the stage in a community dance performance celebrating how to dance.  


Can you dance like an angry pirate — and even act out a swordfight battle dance? When girls, boys, and adults join their schools’ dance teams, that’s just one of the numbers being rehearsed for a performance inspired by reading books that involve dance. Enthusiastic dancers capture the infectious spirit of the girls, boys, and adults as they learn to dance, act, sing, leap, pretend-battle-dance, change costumes, work hard, and above all, have fun, together with vivacious dancers from many other schools.

Do you have a youngster – a tween, or teen - looking for a creative way to move their body, learn a few dance moves, and stay fit—all while at home? Are you an adult looking for the same thing that a youngster that enjoys dance is looking for? Online dance classes let both kids and adults learn about different dance styles and techniques, with a dose of fun.  Our VSP
Foundation instructors do a fantastic job of making dance accessible and fun for younger kids, older kids, and adults of any age.

To get started, here are the platforms: Phone, tablet, and web-based. You’ll need a good-sized room and floor space free of clutter, along with a computer, phone, or tablet, and a stable surface like a countertop or chair for ballet classes. Some courses may recommend exercise mats or specific shoes, but all of these programs are designed for your child or you to log on and get moving without a lot of obstacles. 

For this roundup, we included free and subscription-based classes, as well as lessons for kids and adults of all ages and abilities, so there is something for everyone. With that in mind, VSP Foundation is one of the top picks for the best online dance classes for kids. Ask about the VSP Foundation workbook about dance and leadership. Or buy the book.  

VSP is great because of the range of ages it serves, as well as the variety of dance styles offered.  It also has a user-friendly, on-demand platform that is separate from the in-studio section on its website, so there is no getting lost while trying to find a class.

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