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What Happens When The Kids Are Having Fun At Camp For One Day, One Night, Or For Days And Nights

Athletics & Adventures

Boating/Mountain Bicycling/Hiking Walk/Jogging & Running/Swimming/Yoga & Aerobics/Tennis & Ping Pong 3 players against more players fitness games


With scenic pathways, trails, and roads, Fairmount Park is a great place for embarking on adventure atop a mountain bicycle. Accompanied by leaders, you and a group of fellow students can enjoy peddling out on the dirt mound trail.


We are lucky to be able to enjoy miles of nearby hiking trails. Request a game of “Camouflage” while also learning about Parkside, Fairmount, and Cobbs Creek.

Wake up early and practice yoga on the museum grass before first raising, or request it as a room night activity. Get your sweat on in fitness activities such as aerobics, strength training, and more.

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