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How To Flourish In Dance Building A Leadership Workbook

Product Workbook Topics: (continued)


About Dance Proposal In Brief:

VSP Leaders will share the program results of its educational and social findings with students and local community service educators and professors, who have already expressed definite interest. For the Dance Showcase performances, which feature
all of the Dance students within the entire Dance program and all of the classes that we offer, VSP Leaders will make these materials available to those students for a more professional performance quality in the student VSP clubs. VSP Leaders will also be willing to meet with the adjunct Dance faculty and choreographers to discuss any questions that they may have about how to develop strategies to incorporate the material into our existing course curriculum as well as give public talks to all school Dance students who plan to attend city colleges.

In 2022, VSP is promoting the creative arts and works of dance theater as a virtue event, especially for students interested in engaging in day travel or overnight travel but maybe are not able to go. We plan to continue products for collegebound students using an online format, allowing our audience to experience and participate in dance and other mentioned-above activities from their homes especially due to taking COVID-19 precautions. Of course, our timeline for activity completion will be longer due to the filming and editing process for the program. We would like to continue our outreach through performances and scheduled pre-show workshops.        


Dance Performances


We will be pre-filming each dance piece with professional directors and creators. Each year will feature short segments of professional and non-professional groups and even companies that celebrate dances and the above-mentioned activity from traditional styles to contemporary styles from across the world.  


Dance Workshops


We would like to invite audience supporters and members during pre-shows as well as any time throughout the weekday or weekend program to take a dance workshop or other mentioned-above activity workshop. We hope for all people to learn new steps, improve skills, and increase their knowledge of dances from various countries all from their homes. Several workshops will be taught through live-stream and will provide experimental learning and positive image interaction.   


The Leadership experience is a service-learning program, a true commitment and a willingness to give back to the community and students, where participants transition from being served to learning to serve others. Leaders gain invaluable skills while developing into the leaders of tomorrow.

If you’re looking for an online program that mirrors the in-studio experience, then VSP Foundation is for you. The program philosophy is games, dance moves, and great music.

VSP offers programs for both children and adults. With our unique leveling system, students begin at level 1 and can work their way up to level 4. "Leveling takes into account the application and execution of the curriculum, performance, and technique in class." Choose from various dance styles, including jazz, hip-hop, ballet, tap, musical theatre, and more. 

Your monthly subscription includes access to VSP’s on-demand library, which updates weekly with new classes at multiple levels. Plus, the program is structured to include everything you would get in-studio. 

Lessons explore musicality, foster creativity and imagination, and teach dance fundamentals in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. Our YouTube channel has classes offered by a variety of instructors, so once you find a teacher any student enjoys, you can search the library by their name.

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