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What Happens When The Kids Are Having Fun At Camp For One Day, One Night, Or For Days And Nights (continued)

Weekdays & Weekends Class Trips-Trips-Trips

Day Trips/Afternoon Trips/Evening Trips (continued)


Colorful art studio with lots of natural light, kids create the most amazing projects. They might be tissue-paper collages, layered paper drawings, or a craft that relates to a special event or temporary exhibition. A visit to a studio is a big deal to VSP students looking forward to a trip.


imaginative playground that's attached to museums and most famous landmarks. Playground features basket-like swings, colorful bouncing flowers (aka mini trampolines), and a three-story tunnel slide those kids climb up using nets and ladders. Children will like a house with a small slide and splash area with a waterfall. 


Rock-and-roll emporiums, sporting venues and stadiums, or hair-raising adventure parks — these vacation spots are teen-friendly hubs with a ton of teen-friendly activities, no matter where their interest lies!

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