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What Happens When The Kids Are Having Fun At Camp For One Day, One Night, Or For Days And Nights (continued)

Weekdays & Weekends Class Trips-Trips-Trips

Day Trips/Afternoon Trips/Evening Trips (continued)


Kids can have personal encounters with sand tiger sharks and catch up-close-and-personal views of sea lions, tropical fish and all the marine fauna at the Aquarium.

Another thing to do for some wholesome friendship fun is to sign up for one of the many food tours for the best of local fare; this one may just be a hit with the whole class because, after all, who doesn’t like food, right?

You could also visit the historic restored gardens.

For a fun day-trip, considering going over to New Jersey via a ferry ride or a cruise.

All in all, Philadelphia offers a great combination of city life and outdoor adventure, making it a really great vacation spot for tweens, teens, parents, and everyone in between!

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