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What Happens When The Kids Are Having Fun At Camp For One Day, One Night, Or For Days And Nights (continued)

Performing Arts

Dance/Music/Theater (plus more)


Tackle your fitness goals with one of our certified trainers. Whether you want to lose weight, build strength, increase your stamina, improve flexibility, or all of the above, VSP leads you through targeted exercises and sends you home with a personalized workout plan.


Creating and performing songs is a VSP Foundation tradition. If you play an instrument, bring it to camp–we’ll jam! Counselors are always eager to teach campers new skills or songs on the guitar, piano, and sing-alongs can be heard echoing across the pond.

By learning to create their own musical ideas and express them through their instrument, students will strengthen their own sense of self- Identity Strengthening. 


By playing musical games that can be played with any other instruments, students will be able to make music with anyone, anywhere- Community Building.

 By expanding their musical world beyond practice and into invention, your child will develop a deeper understanding of the artistic process- World Expanding.


Some children still struggle with making musical choices on their own; to help them a breakthrough, we play familiar games involving small choices and add a musical twist- Natural Improvisations.


Learning the value of sound and painting, students will learn beats for rest and movement- Sound & Paint.


Students will use the traditional Arts & Crafts camp activity to create their own musical instruments. They will then use their instruments in improvisation games- Instrument Making.


DJ Selections and Rhythm add so much to any improvisation and deserve their own segment- DJ and Rhythm Games.


Enjoy live theater, fondly known as Theater of Living Arts, bringing live music to Philadelphia’s famous South Street.

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