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What Happens When The Kids Are Having Fun At Camp For One Day, One Night, Or For Days And Nights (continued)

Performing Arts

Dance/Music/Theater (plus more)


VSP Foundation’s performing arts have always been in a building tied closely to artistry and have housed many different types of craft & entertainment over the years. Plays were once its primary form of craft, followed by a stint as a movie house showing art films and weekend afternoon screenings of movies outdoors. There was even a unique moment where the performance space became an art destination for cultural dance, block parties, and dance hosting an eclectic mix of art styles at any given moment.


A walk along South Street’s distinctive & bustling blocks boasts plenty of pre-show & post-show entertainment options within the neighborhood to make for a memorable night out for a theater watch. Ethnically diverse restaurants and an incredibly eclectic lineup of shops and art galleries will keep passersby busy for hours on end.

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